Why I Sold My Dream Horse

I bought Cobrito, a 6 year old spanish cross breed without any papers 10 years ago. He had only been gelded for a couple of months and had made some bad experiences with humans. His way of showing that he didn’t care for people at all, was to be as unfriendly as possible everytime someone tried to come close to him.

Berber-Andalusian-Mix Cobrito

I wasn’t bothered by his leave-me-alone attitude and started working with him. First from the ground, where he had to learn that he wasn’t supposed to bite me at every opportunity. Luckily, he was a sucker for compliments. He started to search my approval and became very motivated to work with me. Slowly we built a relationship and continued working both from the ground and from the saddle.

After five years of working together we started to attend clinics together, held by Desmond O’Brien, a former member of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. (mehr …)