The One Picture

it just needs to be said all over again because nobody seems to be listening … what is happening in dressage.

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

I’ll be quick. In Denmark we have a huge horse show this week, and last week.

I just felt like showing you the one picture that says it all.


Picture by, T. Bisgaard,396839,396824,396825,396828,396807&urlinfo=Hestemagasinet-JBK%3A+Det+ligner+hingstenes+championat+i+2013

Three year old Sezuan, ridden by Andreas Helgstrand.

Note the locked back, the hind legs that does not follow the horse at all, the head held behind vertical by the bit, and of course the impressive high front legs…
Is this really where we are going? Is this truly a beautiful picture?
Is this dressage at all?

Apparently it is, Sezuan is hardly competing with the others, no one has any worries that he will win. After all, he passed the stallion performance testing when he was two and a half years old, (yep broken in almost as early as a race horse, and we all applaud,) despite the fact that he has OCD. He was…

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