The Hand That Holds The Rein

no need for my own thoughts, since everything is already there.

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

Okay, a few follow up questions to my ”Can you do better,” post needs answering, I believe, because a few people simply seem to have missed the point completely, so rather than to keep wasting my time arguing with them, here it is;

Why would you wear a bit? Isn’t that the same kind of abuse then?

Well, no. As simple as that. I dared answer that question with the fact that I wear a bit, because I want to compete with my horses and it is not allowed to compete bitless.

I maintain that a bit, used correctly, does not do harm. No bit is harder than the hand that holds the rein. The whole point in the double bit, used in high level dressage was, once upon a time, to prove that the rider was skilled enough to handle it, to use it, not abuse it. And yes…

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Can You Do Better?

Unfortunately it seems as we still have a long way to go until people start thinking their trainingmethods over. It is a mystery to me how anyone can practise riding like that when it is obvious and also scientifically proven that it is unhealthy and stressful for the horse. We need to remember that it is an honor and only thanks to the goodwill of our horses that we are aloud to ride on their back at all.

Starstone/by Veronica Merlin

For all of you readers of my blog, who know nothing about horses or the world of horses, I would like to tell you what it is like to be a ’horse-person’ who dares speak up.

First a little link to the pictures- some of them, 60 out of 2000- my friend and I took at the Danish Championship in dressage 2013 about a week ago.¨

Now, in my world, these pictures are unacceptable, which is why we chose to publish them online and sent them to

Here is what we have been met with from fellow Danish horse-people. Some people just make me so proud to be Danish…

First, the most common argument for why this is not abuse;

You can’t tell from a single picture! It could be a bad moment! We all have bad moments, I bet if we took 2000 pictures of you…

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